Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Still Going

And about time too - wortlastfewmonthsgo?
Well we've been doing things believe it or not. Viv's finished another chapter on her City and Guilds course and I've finished the PSA advanced course. I've had more acceptances with PSA salons too (including a director's choice in the CPID event). We've had a break in Devizes where Viv went to her summer school (which was excellent) and I took some time out with the camera (which was also excellent).
Hopefully we can keep the momentum going and keep producing bits. We've certainly got a lot to enjoy.
I'll try to remember to post a bit more often.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Time for an update

Well, it's long past time for an update really. Wort the last couple of months go?

We've been doing our bits a little more. Viv's sent a piece off to Aussie and she's getting back into the City and Guilds. Steve's been entering exhibitions and competitions - haven't won anything yet, but it seems one image may be in Photo Monthly magazine in June and another was accepted in a PSA exhibition, so they can't be all bad.

It's been good to have a couple of days of sunshine, so we've got the garden moving again - new flower bed all ready for planting.

We've both been prodded and tested to destruction, but evidently we're both healthy.

Steve's got his bus pass and all's well.

Keep smiling

Thursday, 7 January 2010

What happened to 2009?

So here's 2010. Last year just flew by and now we're looking forward to spring.
We did Ally Pally and Harrogate too - have to say that Harrogate was much friendlier and there were more reachable restaurants too. And not just because we're Yorkshire folk. It was good to meet people at Ally Pally, but I don't think it was really worth the extra mileage.
We've more or less given up on trying to get a local group of mixed media artists together, so now we're getting down to doing things on our own.
Viv's getting back to the C&G and I've done some more to the PSA course and the EID group is going well. All we need now is some warm weather to melt all this b****** snow and ice!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Bits are happening slowly

Well we seem to have been doing odds and ends. Viv's been slowed down a bit by people who don't deliver and hurting her thumb which has made things a bit difficult. We've had the usual family bits and disruptions and household problems to see to, but we're just about managing to keep things going.

We're definitely going to Ally Pally this year, which is really good news, as well as Birmingham and maybe Harrogate too. Lots and lots to think about!!

I've been getting on with the PSA course - now onto assignment 3 -'People' - which I've always found a bit daunting. It's good to face up to these things though, so it's being a lot more useful than what was happening at the camera club. These are real, directed projects.

All good stuff!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Back again at last

I figure it's about time I did something here, so here I am doing something - here.

We've been doing odds and ends with our leisure activities and making some decisions about which way to go.

Viv's trying to get going with the 'Holey Moley' group but it's been a bit overshadowed by the 'me me me' brigade who just want people to admire their martyrdom. Hopefully that'll settle down and she'll be able to enjoy the group.
In the meantime, we've had atrip to Newark to Crafty Notions where we had an excellent display of using inks, and grabbed lots of bargains in their sale. We've also booked places on a seamless vessels felting workshop for next month.
Right now we're trying to get to grips with PE-Design software for the Brother embroidery machine. All a steep learning curve.

I've written off the camera club, following several pretty bad meetings (got to keep things on the third and always mount them in 'Astra White'), so I'm now concentrating on the PSA course and discussion groups. There's much more value to be had from them - they actually want to be creative.
I've been invited to the Whitby club again, so we'll be giving them a show in the autumn.

So we've been doing bits, but still can't understand wortdegos!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


A busy couple of weeks getting the en-suite and bathroom sorted, but it's all done now, and well worth the effort. Elections came and went and we got irate with some of the comments, but it didn't change anything.

Yesterday I had some time to get the AV tuned up ready for the camera club competition and today I've been looking at the PSA new members' site and ordered a book to partake in the workshops. I even managed to get my hair cut today too!!

Viv's been getting her downloaded workshops sorted out and ordered a few bits to play with. We've also decided to do the Harrogate show this year, so we're both getting going at last.

Long may it continue!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

wort weekgo

Here's Thursday - still nothing creative happening.
Sunday was spent chasing the elusive leak from the shower, then stripping out all the old sealant.
Monday we were visiting Eileen, Luke and Alex - got home too late to think about anything, but we did get some good pics of the family and picked up some fabrics from Dunelm on the way home.
Tuesday we resealed the shower.
Wednesday we did some gardening.
Today I started decorating the en-suite and there'll be more of that tomorrow. We're being visited by grandchildren tomorrow and then Saturday will be back to the house cleaning.
Strikes me that there's no need to be creative - there's enough being created for our entertainment without us starting anything!!
Maybe next week will be better!! (Another pink one just flew past!!)

Wort Dego Indeed !!

We both like wild flowers (specially worts) and Steve used to look like a bit of a Dego (maybe still does) and it's a question we keep asking ourselves, so here we go.

It happens all the time.

Just when you think there's a free period, something crops up and your playtime has been cruelly used up for what is usually considered to be a far more worthy cause.

Meanwhile we don't get on with the creative things that make life so wortwhile.

If you've seen one hanging around, or have the answer let us know.

Whatever you do - Keep smiling