Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Still Going

And about time too - wortlastfewmonthsgo?
Well we've been doing things believe it or not. Viv's finished another chapter on her City and Guilds course and I've finished the PSA advanced course. I've had more acceptances with PSA salons too (including a director's choice in the CPID event). We've had a break in Devizes where Viv went to her summer school (which was excellent) and I took some time out with the camera (which was also excellent).
Hopefully we can keep the momentum going and keep producing bits. We've certainly got a lot to enjoy.
I'll try to remember to post a bit more often.

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Wort Dego Indeed !!

We both like wild flowers (specially worts) and Steve used to look like a bit of a Dego (maybe still does) and it's a question we keep asking ourselves, so here we go.

It happens all the time.

Just when you think there's a free period, something crops up and your playtime has been cruelly used up for what is usually considered to be a far more worthy cause.

Meanwhile we don't get on with the creative things that make life so wortwhile.

If you've seen one hanging around, or have the answer let us know.

Whatever you do - Keep smiling